Welcome to the 360 video production course designed by DcVision Academy! We are here to give you the skills that you need to get started with your VR startup.

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Welcome to the 360 video production course designed by DcVision Academy!

We are here to give you the skills that you need to get started with your VR startup.

360 video technology offers interesting ways to create immersive content for creative professionals. If you're interested in creating 360 videos, then this course can help you understanding the techniques and practical ways to create content in 360 video format. 

This will introduce you to the Virtual Reality and 360 video production, guiding you through a step-by-step process to create VR content.

This course will get you started creating 360 VR Videos, time-lapses, and photos with popular 360 consumer camera's in the market.

  • Learn how to create 360 videos, photos, and time-lapses

Learn the business model to monetize from the 360 videos

Understand the consumer 360 Video landscape and gear to produce these videos

Our Coach

Learn from the industry leader

Dhriti, Managing Director DC Vision

A corporate coach with 17 + years of experience, along with 12 years exposure in Entrepreneurship. Being a certified VR professional from London University, she has represented India in World XR conference, Nanchang Province, China in 2019. An IT Professional turned Entrepreneur, now Virtual Reality Storyteller, Managing Director of DcVision - Pioneer VR Product company in India & Partner to DISL & Book cafe Boithek.

Course Structure

Action packed 4 weeks, top learning on 360 VR Video


What is 360 Video,
and How Does it Fit into VR?

1. Lesson:
Brief history of VR

2. Lesson:
What is 360 Video?

3. Lesson:
Preparing your mind for 360 VR Production-Technical Know how

4. Lesson:
Position and Orientation, Agency, Presence, and Immersion

5. Lesson:
Point of View (POV), Mono vs. Stereo, Parallax & Field of View (FOV)

6. Lesson:
Stitch Lines

7. Discussion Prompt:
When and Why to Create VR Video

8. Reading:
Intro to 360 VR Production Recap


Tips & Tricks of the VR Preproduction Pipeline

1. Lesson:
Finalise the objective of making a 360 VR Video

2. Lesson:
Understanding & Achieving Presence

3. Lesson:
Understanding the Space and Setting

4. Lesson:
Plot, Character, and Dialogue

5. Lesson:
Writing & Planning an Experience Recap

6. Lesson:
Helpful Tools for VR Preproduction

7. Lesson:
Guiding Cues

8. Lesson:
Writing Toward Production Recap

9. Lesson:

10. Lesson:
Overhead Diagrams and Blocking Shots

11. Lesson:
Shot Lists & Scheduling

12. Practice Quiz:
Prepping for your Shoot

13. Reading:
Production Prep for VR/360 Production

14. Reading:
Crewing up for a 360 Production

15. Lesson:
Crewing up for a 360 Production

16. Discussion Prompt:
Getting Ready for Production


Lights, Camera, Action

1. Lesson:
Resolution, Lenses, Frame Rate, Dynamic Range

2. Reading:
Camera Components & The Fundamentals of VR/360 Production

3. Practice Quiz:
Camera Components Review

4. Reading:
Camera Considerations & Comparison

5. Lesson:
Synchronization, Stabilization, Movement, & Balance

6. Lesson:

7. Lesson:
Distance of Subject to Camera

8. Lesson:
Hiding Equipment and Crew

9. Lesson:
Plate Shots & Post-Production Masking

10. Reading:
Considerations & Mistakes to Avoid in VR/360 Productions

11. Reading:
Camera Placement, Lighting, & Audio in VR/360 Productions

12. Lesson:
Lighting & Practicals

13. Lesson:
Monophonic vs. Stereophonic Audio

14. Lesson:
360/Spatial Audio

15. Peer Review:
360 Video shoot preparation

16. Assessment:
Module 3 Final Assessment


What to do with your footage:
VR Postproduction & Publishing

1. Lesson:
Stitching your 360 footage manually

2. Lesson:
Using editing software for fine-tuning and rendering

3. Lesson:
Match on Attention

4. Reading:
The Editing Workflow in VR/360 Postproduction

5. Reading:
Computer Specifications, Editing Tools, & Helpful Solutions for VR Video Postproduction

6. Reading:
How to monetise your VR videos?

7. Discussion Prompt:
What else do you want to make?

8. Reading:
Advanced Production Techniques

9. Lesson:
Advanced Postproduction Techniques

10. Reading:
VR Postproduction & Publishing Recap





Student's Feedbacks

Mishali is using her new skill of 360 VR in her architecture business and getting huge benefits.

Valuable Comments

Many of the students find it full of information and well explained.

Motivating Messages

One workshop with all the details you need to know in 360 VR.

Who this course is for?

Professional Video Editors looking to enhace thier 360 VR Skills.

Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents, Animatiors, Video Content Developers and Graphic Designers.

Anyone who is intersted in 360 video format and want to learn the skill.

Become an International Freelancer by learning 360 VR Video making

Learn how to become master in 360 video making. In This course you will learn all about 360 and it's scope and benefits.


What they say

“What is it like to walk in someone else's shoes? Books allow us to imagine it, and movies allow us to see it, but VR is the first medium that actually allows us to experience it.”

Managing Editor - Digital Trends

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Welcome to the 360 video production course designed by DcVision Academy! 

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